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Amber's Mox Show Room Story

Hi there! I’m Amber Fernandez - “Mox”ager for Mox Show Room. I’m the Mom of Julian who is 13 and just started 8th grade and Addilyn Gray who is two.

When Addilyn was born she had zero body fat on her body. For the first 10 months of her life I couldn’t find any shoes that fit her tiny little skinny feet. I would sit in her nursery and cry when she had no more clean socks (the two pair she had that fit) because I didn’t know how to find more preemie socks that were the right knit to stay on. A local girl I knew from a Mommy group on Facebook told me about this company, Moxxy, who had baby shoes that might be able to be customized for Addilyn.

I found the group on Facebook and read all the details about the group like a crazy person. I ended up messaging Krystina Gerke, who made the baby shoe portion of the company and shared my story. Now at the time Moxxy had a very long waitlist. I believe it was about 3-4 months before you could get them. I was lucky enough that Krystina has a bleeding heart and made Addilyn her very FIRST pair of shoes. They were this adorable feathered black and white pair in the smallest size she has and “narrow”. This was the beginning of the end (of my PayPal account) of Addilyn being shoeless. Since this day there have been a few amazing things that have happened.

  1. Addilyn has had over 50 pairs of Mox in a year and a half. Never again will skinny, fatless babies have naked toes.
  2. I met my best friend, Krystina Gerke, after realizing we are both incredibly stubborn PAIN in the butts.
  3. I was able to help Krystina open her own company, Mox Show Room. Which will have explosive growth.

The absolute best thing about Mox for me is that they can be customized if you have special needs. Be they narrow, wide, or completely tailored around a special condition your child may have. Mox Show Room knows no baby is the same, and never wants Moms or Dads to sit on the nursery floor and cry over the simple things like needing baby shoes.

Welcome, to Mox Show Room. We’re so glad you’re here.

Here is little Addilyn pre-MoxBefore Mox

...and with her very first pair!

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