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Baby, it's Cold Outside!

 Hi all, I am Jessica and I am a 30 year old experiencing true winter for the first time. Yup. I was born and raised in Florida, and LOVED the heat and short (some might even argue non-existent) winters. Everyone told me I'd just love the fall and winter. Maybe one day I will. Today is not that day. To make a long story short, my family moved to Tennessee a year or two after my husband and I were married. he loves it here too, so I made a deal with him shortly after my family had moved that as soon as the town got a Publix I would consider moving. Well, as it would happen a Publix popped up within a year of my big mouthed, overly cocky deal. So, we finally took the plunge and sold our house this past spring and moved on up. We moved in a unseasonably cold April. Who knew April could have days in the 40s? Not me! Oh boy, what a shock that was. I felt like I had gone back a few months and was reliving January. And now that December has come around I'm having to learn how to deal with the winter. The cold, cold winter that never warms up. Jeans aren't sufficient for cold windy days I quickly found out. We visited a craft show that was held at a distillery (how neat?!) and it was cold and windy and mostly outdoors. I could have just not been wearing any pants for all the good they did at keeping the weather off my poor skin. That day I felt climate shocked. I knew that it would be colder here than what I was used to, but I wasn't prepared for this. And the layers, oh the layers! I have never liked bundling up and now my life (at least for a few months) is all sweaters and jackets and coats, oh my! Putting layers on just to walk to the car is not my idea of fun or cozy. Another thing, toddlers and jackets... I bundle the toddler up to go out, but have to un-bundle him just to buckle him in to his seat. How do people survive all this?! A few things I've learned: -fleece lined leggings under jeans are a lifesaver on freezing windy days. (I've been told fleece lined jeans are good too.) -babywearing with a blanket is far easier for trips to and from the car than wrestling a jacket onto a toddler. -never underestimate a good cup of hot coffee, but don't let it sit too long either! That's about all I have. I've never really had to bundle up, so I'm still working on that art. Sounds dramatic, but honestly, I am either too bundled or not enough. A few days I've not worn enough layers because I expected it to warm up by the afternoon. One day I even walked a couple miles without enough layers because I assumed I'd become warm just by walking. Well, it does warm up, but not at all like I am used to, and so far, not nearly enough to justify not bringing my wool coat. So, here's to staying warm and looking forward to the spring! Do you have any tips for winterizing this tropical girl? Or have any winter stories of your own? I would love to hear them (seriously, I need all the help and encouragement I can get)! Leave a comment here or on our Facebook page on this blog chat post! (As a side note- I hate this song, but I hate the cold just as much so I figured it would be applicable.)

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  • Stephanie Smith on

    Haha! I had no idea that was the story behind you moving. So funny!

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