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Clean air ~ Jessy

 As I mentioned in my last blog post we just moved to a new state and into a new house. This house has a finished basement which, coming from Florida, I'd never had. While I'm not afraid of my basement here flooding, I am slightly concerned about the air quality. Especially as an allergy sufferer I want to make sure the air quality stays as pure as I can help it. I have oils and diffusers and I do run them, but I'm not confident that oils alone will purify the air. I have one salt rock lamp that is on most of the time which also helps keep the air pure. I had looked into getting more of those for the house, but, good gracious, are those expensive! It isn't bad for a bedroom or two, but getting the proper sized salt lamps to cover the square footage of this house would run into the hundreds. Then I happened on a few pins about different low light indoor plants that help purify the air. Bonus: they also help with humidity! So about a month ago I went plant shopping (which is a different experience here in Tennessee than back in Florida) and picked up six different plants to start trying my indoor garden. They vary from low light to high light and each have found their appropriate nook in the house. I found a Christmas cactus on clearance that my toddler loves to pick apart, a golden pothos that I hope to propagate, a lemon button fern, a Croton, a dieffenbachia (that I stuck in an inaccessible corner when I found out they are poisonous), and an aralia which I think is my favorite. My mom had also picked up an orchid for me that weekend so I have seven plants total. Those seven are all still alive, and I just found new green on my aralia which is encouraging! In the past I haven't had luck with plants, but with extra research and determination I have high hopes! This house is also more conducive to an indoor plant collection than our last house was. I am hoping to add something big like a ficus tree to the sitting room this summer. In addition to helping the air quality in my house they certainly brighten the place up. I am just loving the few plants I've started with and can't wait to prove I can keep them happy as well as add to their numbers. Any other indoor gardeners out there? What's your best piece of advice for someone just getting started with plants? What's your favorite plant you have or hope to have?

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