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Black Coffee, hold the sugar

Hey Everyone!  It's Heather! I've spent the last 2 LONG days driving from Colorado to Florida and my little family is wiped out.  But, I met a really amazing goal of mine right before I left for this trip and I wanted to share a little bit of that excitement and encouragement with all of you!
I've been on a weight loss journey for about eight months now.  A selfie I took with my youngest daughter one spring afternoon really shocked me.  I hated how I looked and more importantly I just simply did not feel good.  But I didn't realize how bad I really felt until later, and I'll detail that with you in this blog!
You guys.  I'm happy to announce that I have officially lost 50 pounds !!!  I have about 20 more to go but I am SO thrilled and I get asked all the time how I did it.  And This is not a pitch for some crazy pill or program.  I would never go for anything like that myself.  The main thing I had to do to start the process was make a decision.  Not a decision to "diet", but a decision to change my entire life.  This was to be a whole lifestyle change and not just for a season of my life.  A total life alteration and I am so thankful I made the decision and stuck to it.  Here's the nitty gritty, and this is very paraphrased:
I drastically cut the amount of sugar and grain I consumed on a daily basis.  I limit myself to 20g of sugar and 50g of carbs daily, most of those carbs come from select fresh fruits and berries.  I few legumes and pulses on occasion as well.   When I consume less sugar and grain, and fill those gaps with more protein and fat, I not only see the pounds melt away but the clarity of mind is like nothing else.  I can really tell if I have any kind of refined sugar.  I get spacey and I'm unable to focus.  If I eat grains my gut is not happy with me.  These are both things I didn't even notice were issues or impairments UNTIL I didn't have the issue or impairment any longer.  This is a total lifestyle change and it feels SO GOOD.  
I had typed a huge long thing out explaining the way I eat and why... It seemed really long and confusing so I deleted it.  But the basics are I combine two general was of eating and fit them into my lifestyle: Keto and Paleo.  I really like Keto (It seriously limits carbs and eliminates sugar) but I find it too nutritionally restricting, so I combine it with Paleo.  Paleo seems a little too lax in some aspects so where that happens I stick to my guidelines above: 20g of sugar and 50g of carbs max.  It's worked out extremely well and I hope you all are encouraged to make better eating decisions this holiday season. ;-) 


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