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Lets Talk About Me.

Lets talk about me.

No seriously, lets talk about me. By me, I mean "me" time. At some point between marriage, babies, and life, I forgot the days I once loved most. The days when I could lay on my couch and binge watch a terrible TV show (Vampire Diaries anyone? Don't you DARE judge me) or call over some girls, lay around in pajamas drink wine and play stupid games. What happened to that exactly? At what point did I forget that I need to recharge? Being someones wife, someones mother are two of the greatest joys that I could have imagined. Having a family, and being responsible for a family is such a gift. Most women I've run into, when being completely honest - thank you red wine - will admit they feel like they've lost a piece of themselves. That at the end of the day the simple joys they once had have been replaced. Everyone wants to get together, go dancing, have dinner and drinks without feeling like they need to rush home. Or most recently, my favorite, a spa weekend with the girls. I think there needs to be more pressure from friends and family for women/mothers/wives to TAKE that time. We’re so set on anything like that being a selfish action that we harbor it, and eventually miss our old lives so much it really takes a toll. We need to make a priority to ourselves to do what makes us smile. To be around our “tribe” even if its once a month for a few hours. Take a moment, and just be US. Without all the titles.

~ Amber

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