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Motherhood: My First Year

So I (Rebekah) made it through the first year of motherhood! It went by faster than I ever thought a year could go by. I remember growing up noticing the older I got the faster the years flew by, but I have never seen a faster year then this last year: the year I became a mother.
Our little girl didn’t arrive fast though and has taught us a great lesson in patience. We tried to conceive for almost two years with no success. Then we were blessed! We waited 40 weeks for her to make her appearance and she made us wait till 42 weeks. I went into labor on October 31st at around 3 AM and she was born November 2nd at 9:26 AM after an abnormally long amount of pushing. There she was, our little girl! WOW!

After Finley arrived she has been nothing but fast! She rolled at 11 weeks, crawled at 5 months and started pulling up on everything in the same month, she took her first steps at 9 months and was full on walking at 10 months, and is saying over 25 words. She kind of blows us away every day!
Everyone tells you it goes by so fast and it does go by SO fast. We knew it would and we decided to really take that to heart. John and I take each moment as it comes, day by day, moment by moment. We do our best to really soak it all in, to be present, and to observe and cherish the little things that really are the big things. There is a quote from a Reggie Joiner’s Orange Conference (We are in youth ministry at our church and have had the pleasure of attending the Orange Conference a few times) that we have decided to make our family motto “Do more with the time you have now.” That one quote sums up how we decide to live our day to day lives and how we have decided to parent our little girl. We have 18 years and 936 weeks until our sweet girl is a beautiful woman and like Reggie says, “It is just a phase, don’t miss it.”
 This first year of motherhood has been amazing in so many ways and challenging in so many ways. You learn so much about yourself, about your spouse, about your new baby, and about life in 365 days. Life is messier. Life is exhausting. Life is emotional. Life is busier. Life smells more. Life is more joyful. Life is more beautiful. Life is faster. Life is more colorful. Life is more raw.
So even though I may not always know what is on my shirt and I may forget to eat sometimes and I may know what hot coffee turned into iced coffee tastes like and it may have been a day ending in “y” that I showered last… I aced my first year of motherhood. And it’s been a glorious adventure!
Love and Blessings!
Rebekah <3

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  • April on

    Well written and beautiful! It definitely does go by fast…keep cherishing every moment and try not to blink too much. Finely is definitely a cutie!

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