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My lipstick is my superpower!

Sometimes as a SAHM or any mom it's very easy to fall into a rut, kids, house, errands, a million things always come before yourself. This is real life and all too common. Soon you forget how to take care of yourself. You get excited to be able to do the bare minimum for yourself. Brush teeth check, wash face check, shower (eh sometimes) , brush hair (if you're like me on a good day) and you move on to the next thing on your long to do list.
You start to forget what your YOU routine was before becoming a mom
and you think your gratitude for being able to be a mom should outweigh any personal wants so you go on about your day, every day for weeks, months, years.
At first you don't even miss the excitement about looking pretty, getting your hair done or putting on make up, getting that split second to look in the mirror and say "damn I look good"
You are just ok with being able to just not look like a hot mess every day.
But your energy fades quickly with the lack of sleep, you don't even notice your self confidence fading with it. Your thoughts
consumed by the million things you'd love to do, get done or have to do. You don't catch yourself falling into a rut because after all you are a mom and we are supposed to be doing all of these things.
But than one day as you're rushing thru your morning routine, You brush your teeth, wash your face and than something catches your eye...
There's that cute lipstick that you bought months ago still sitting on the counter unopened. And you laugh to yourself, what were you thinking wasting the money. You don't go out, you don't have time for making yourself up.
Chuckling you stop and realize the kids are quiet no ones calling your name and you actually have a moment to yourself. So you get brave and say what the heck and break open the seal. You stand in front of the mirror with this foreign object in your hand. You think to yourself that you're being foolish wasting even this second of time as you could be doing something more important.
You take one swipe of that color across your lips and you smile. Wow a burst of energy and a little giggle escapes.
You start to see a glimpse of someone you used to remember. Carefree, full of energy, pretty, self confident, alive!
You say the heck with it and you finish the look.
You walk out of that bathroom feeling like a million dollars. You feel like YOU
Is it the makeup, no not really but it sure as heck helped. It opened your eyes and allowed you to realize that it is OK to take a few seconds for yourself.
After that day my to do list has changed a little. There is now a little spot at the top of my list scheduled in for just a few minutes. With a simple task. "Me"
Whether I'm leaving the house or not, whether my daily tasks include laundry, work, play dates or other mom tasks,
I put on that lipstick every morning and it's now like my super hero cape. I walk out of the bathroom smiling, energized and believe I can conquer the world..well maybe not the world just yet but I can definitely conquer my day!

😘 Ashley P.

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  • Jessica Harvey on

    Well written girl!! <3

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