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Sweet Liberation!

Lately I have been feeling overwhelmed. I couldn’t figure out what it was or why I was overwhelmed. I am a WAHM (work at home mom), I should have all the time in the world right *eye rolls*?

 So what is it? Why am I feeling this way?

It’s all the STUFF.

My stuff. My husband’s stuff. Our stuff. The new baby stuff. STUFF. STUFF. STUFF. STUFF. It just keeps accumulating!

We had a wedding shower and got stuff, a baby shower and got stuff, we had a first birthday party and got stuff and then Christmas… more STUFF. Oh, and we buy our own stuff too… A lot of the stuff was a blessing, but at this rate we will be buried in stuff by the time Finley turns 4 (she is 14 months) and can you imagine when she is 18? Oh, and we only have one kid right now so imagine when we have more…

So, I am putting a stop to the stuff. Literally. My number one goal for this year is to completely declutter our home and our lives! I want to go down to what we use daily. I want empty space on my countertops. I want less laundry to wash and put away (who has time for that?). I want less paperwork. I want less debt.

 I am so excited about this! I have already started and I am already feeling some of the freedom I have been longing for. So where did I start? On Pinterest of course! I needed inspiration so I started with organization but then realized I needed to go the minimalism route. Because putting all your stuff in an organized fashion doesn’t cure the stuff problem. And my house, which is a decent size, would just continue to feel smaller and smaller. So, I found quotes to inspire me and steps to follow to purge our stuff. I even found Ted talks all about Minimalism!

My husband, daughter and I love to travel and adventure and make memories. But when you have a ton of stuff it can weigh you down. Like feeling the need to always buy stuff or the next best thing, we lose out on some vacation opportunities because we don’t have the extra money. Or we get in more debt and then we are tied down, figuring out how to pay the bills, so maybe we miss an adventure opportunity. BUT this is the year we change that. What a better time to do it then now? I mean here we are, at the beginning of our daughter’s life. Let’s get down to the bare essentials now and free up our time, our resources, and our space!

So here are the steps we are taking:

Get Inspired- I did some research. I read some blog posts, went on Pinterest and listened to some Ted talks on the subject of minimalism. (Video number 6 is my favorite!)

Start Somewhere- We started in our kitchen. It literally is the hub of our home. We start our day in the kitchen and cook all our meals there. We started on all the surface areas. The counters only have what we use every day: the microwave and the coffee grinder.

Get Rid of It- If we never use it we got it out of there. You can donate it or sell it or give it to someone you know. You can even trash it if it really is trash.

Keep Going- Don’t stop in one room. Just keep going. It actually feels so freeing I probably don’t even have to tell you to keep going. We did the bathroom next!

Do It Again- Yep, do it again in the same room next month. Because you will either start to accumulate more without realizing it. Or you will realize the things you thought you HAD to keep, you actually don’t use at all.

Tell Your Friends and Family- You need to tell the people in your life what you are doing, because chances are a lot of those people contribute to the stuff. If they don’t know you don’t want or need stuff then you might just keep getting more stuff.

So, this is the journey we are on. The journey of less STUFF. The journey to free our time and our bank account. I want to get to the point where I have to clean less because there is less to clean. The point where we have to spend less because there are less bills. The point where we have to empty the trash less because there is less trash. Sweet liberation!  

 -Rebekah <3

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