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The Mox Show Room Process and an Exciting Update!

Hey there! Just wanted to blog to get you guys an inside look at out process and how we make magic happen for you guys, all while taking care of our kids and working from home, and being full time moms. 
The process starts with me (Krystina) and Amber. We are the ones who pick your fabrics every week for the preorders. Normally, we do a month at a time and plan out when we are going to do specialty preorders at the same time. We separate that fabric and then offer the admins and seamstresses first dibs on all the mock ups that you see on the site. If they don't get claimed, they are normally sent to our brand reps and enthusiasts that are in charge of taking amazing pics and doing some advertising for us. 
Once the mock ups are made, the fabric then goes to Rebekah, who picks the inner colors, makes the photos with the inner colors, and makes sure that all our inventory is up to date. She also is great at coming up with ideas for MSR, and is the brain behind Scrappy Saturday's return!
After Rebekah is done with picking inner colors and getting the mock up photos ready for the site, one of our admins comes in and sets up the sites for stockings. Normally, this happens twice a week. For now, Ashley does this, but it will soon be changing!
Every Sunday/Monday after stocking is over, Ashley takes the orders and converts them to a spreadsheet for Rebekah. Rebekah starts cutting them right away, and drops them off the following Sunday at my house for me or one of the seamstresses to sew. Her cutting process takes a week. (This is also why we cannot allow changes/cancellations on pre-orders after order submission.)
Haley does all the cutting for Ready to Ship stockings. Once they are cut, she brings them here to me, I ship them to our seamstresses, and then they ship a certain amount back to me each week to set up for our Tuesday RTS stockings. Once I have pictures done, Ashley sets up the site to display at 3pm est. 
Twice a week, I ship out ready to ship or pre-orders. We just shuffled things around a little bit more so that I'll have more time to focus on the back end of things. Focusing on email, photos, shipping, back work, customer service, product development, and managing my girls will be more of a priority for me for now. Up to this point, Haley and I also sewed up to 75 pairs a week here as well as all of that, so it will be a nice change to be able to focus on you guys and making MSR the best that it can be without having to be torn in just one more direction. 
It takes about a week or two for us to sew them, depending on how many orders we got that week, not including shipping if they are going to a seamstress (add another week for that). Then the taking pictures and packing them to ship out can take up to a week as well. And then add our family's needs and if they are sick (which puts us behind) or we are sick. It stacks up pretty fast, but we do them all as fast as we can to make sure that you are getting them as soon as possible.
In MSR, it's more like a family unit. We all talk, we are all apart of decisions, and we are all a full disclosure kind of business. I love to hear what my team has to suggest and it's always something that we strive to keep as apart of our mission statement. Every single pair will directly impact the lives of at least three families that work for MSR. We also are very involved with our kids and make sure that they are a part of our work and our process. Our employees are able to work whenever they can, around their kid's schedules. 
This weekend, we are officially starting our NEW Mox Studio in the VIP group. The studio and the monthly giveaways are ran by Amy. Keep your eyes peeled for announcements about those, because you wont want to miss out on those! You get to pick your group fabric for those and they will be amazing if I know you guys!!!
We are also planning on setting up mox for you guys to be able to try on before you buy. The Try-Before-Buy or TBB program will be available in a couple weeks and will be up for new customers to be able to try on a pair of plain rental mox for a deposit. Once they are returned in the condition they are sent in, we will refund your deposit and you will know for sure what sizes you should buy! Hopefully this will help you all decide on exactly what features you will need. 
We also have a form up for suggestions on how you would like to see MSR improve and better serve your needs. At the end of this Thursday, we will be drawing a winner to receive a 50% off coupon for our pre-order stocking on Friday for any of our pre-order prints that go up this week.
Hope you guys like what goes on and is changing as much as we do! 

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