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The Path That Lead Me to MSR!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! It's Haley Wiktor here.
I have been busy working at my part time job that I have beyond my Mox Show Room job these past few days! Retail and holidays are crazy! 😫 I want to give a little bit of background info on how I was lucky to be employed with MSR.

So my life has changed a lot since I found out I was pregnant in 2015. After I found out, I did the grown up thing and bought our first house a few months later. Shortly after, we had our precious baby girl named Chloe on 10/8/15. I knew before having her I wouldn't want to go back to work, but that was impossible. We needed the income and quitting was not an option. So, having the most paid time off leave of 6 weeks, I went back to work. Breastfeeding was a challenge after going back to work! I didn't realize how much work that it would be to be a breastfeeding mom, with pumping and all of the fun things that you have to do in the time that they don't give you to do so. I had set a goal to nurse for at least a year. The first week back to work I cried so hard. The job I had was so not breastfeeding friendly in the least and it seemed like such an unrealistic goal at that point. I didn't want to give up, but could tell I was in over my head for my goal. After our small freezer stash of milk was depleted, we had to give Chloe half breast milk and formula for about a month.

So on my fiancé's birthday in December, we had a family dinner out (with Krystina, my sister in law). I was telling Krystina my struggles with work and breastfeeding. She could tell I was about to burst into tears just talking about it. 😅 She was so understanding and thoughtful when she asked if I'd be interested in learning how to pin for her part time. If I got really good and fast, I could possibly work full time with her later. I was so thrilled thinking I could be with my baby and work that I couldn't resist! So after a month of doing both jobs, I quit my full time job that I did for 9 years to work for Krystina full time. It was one of the hardest and best things that I've ever had to do. 

She has helped me so much! I love what I do, and I am so thankful I have the opportunity to be with my baby at work. This is by far the best job I'll ever have and she is the best boss! I'm so happy to be a part of the MSR family and am so glad that I get the opportunity to work and share my experiences with you all and in a small way, be a part of your babies lives too! 

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