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Tis' the Season- for boots!

As we get into the cooler weather (ok, maybe not yet here in Florida), we like to make sure that your little ones feet stay warm and toasty! 
So, this coming Friday is a big, huge BOOTS pre-order stocking! We are only stocking boots, but we are stocking a ton of them! (All the ready to ship items will still be mox.)
Our boots are super comfy, warm, and ready to take on the world with your little adventurer! The inners are made with minky, cotton velour, or sherpa(sherpa will not be available for this first initial stocking). You can still add our signature add-on item, the comfort soles, or you can add a full windpro fleece hidden inner to keep those baby feet super toasty. 
Boots are still fully seamless, and have a hidden elastic to keep them in place. The inner is attached to the sole as well, so you don't have to worry about the inner liner coming out of the boot when you take you babe's foot out. All boots come with tough grip bottoms, tough toes will be $2 more since they all already come with tough grip.
Base Price for boots will be $34, not including shipping. And hidden windpro inner will be an added $5, and includes comfort soles. 
From this point, till the end of the season, we will be stocking a few boots preorders here and there with the mox stocking prints. 
I attached a sample of some of the recent custom ordered boots that we had. :D 
Hope you guys love them as much as we do! Happy fall, almost winter!

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