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Up and Coming!

You guys have been talking to me, and I have been listening! 

I will start with the longest planned to the newest. 

First, we are starting a whole new "basics" line. This line will be comprised of basic items that you can use for every day wear. Afraid to get your special print dirty? Fear no more! Get a basic set for every day use! On a strict budget but mox are the only thing you can get your little one to wear? Perfect! Basic line has you covered! Fishing for a good gift, but can't find the right print to give? That's ok! Jump on the basic line bandwagon and *poof*, perfect gift! This line will consist of jean mox, solid colors, basic patterns, and just simply perfect every day mox! 

Second, we are planning on WEEKLY stalking pass games in our Facebook group. Every Monday, one of our admins will be posting a fun game. You win the game and you get to pre-shop all of the listings that will go live on Friday and pick what you want, before the stocking rush! This will be so much fun! 

Next, GIFT CARDS. We are working on getting the ball rolling with gift cards for the shop. We know that the holidays are coming, and a lot of you may want to give out (or get) gift cards. Hold tight! We hope to have them available in the next few weeks! 

Lastly, we are planning on making a Lookbook page, here in the site, on top of the one in the Facebook group. This will be an awesome way to keep you guys informed with what's already out and what prints are what names. :)

As always, we are working on updating and developing the website to better serve you guys, and make it easier. We thank you for your emails and feedback on it. 

You guys are awesome! Thank you so much for being a part of the MSR family! 


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