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Upcoming Stockings and Fun Happenings

Hey all!

Just wanted to drop in and tell you about all the fun things that are happening in the next few weeks- because there's A LOT! 

Sept 30th, we are doing a DOUBLE HOLIDAY STOCKING! 

The first stocking will be for outfit/blanket/mox sets as a collaboration with Moxxy on their BST page and our page. The link for the forms will be posted both pages at the same time.  Times for this will be announced in the groups in the next couple of days. Please stay tuned!

The second will be here, on our site. It will be all holiday fabrics, with plenty of fun choices! 

This means there will be over 160 pairs up for JUST holiday preorder, not including the 25-35 of the ready to ship pairs being listed at our normal stocking time. Hopefully this means that everyone will have a better shot at scoring a pair!

Oct 7th, we are not doing a full on preorder! We will ONLY be stocking Mox of the Month Club, and our normal amount of ready to ship pairs. Five MOTM slots will load here at the usual stocking time, and the other five will be ran as a draw to purchase in our Facebook group.

For those that don't know- Mox of the Month Club is a limited club where only 10 people can join each quarter. It runs for three months and is a complete surprise as to what you get. My team and I pick the fabrics for all three months, and you only pick your gender preferences for inners, sizes, and add-ons. The whole quarter's worth of mox is a one time, flat rate of $80 (for all three months) up front, and then you pay for shipping as they are completed and ready to ship out each month. These prints are exclusive and will never be ran again, and they will have not ran previously, so this is your only chance to get these surprise fabrics.

Oct 14th will be our BOOTS preorder stocking! ALL of the preorders will be boots! Our team has put some major time into picking some epic fabrics that you will love, so make sure that you are there for that one!

After that, we will make sure to stock a few of each to make sure that we are keeping enough of a mix of boots and mox preorders for the season. 

Thanks for being awesome!


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