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Custom Group SYOF Slot (please wait until all the options load)


Custom GROUP SYOF!!!

Please read the whole listing before asking questions or emailing.
This is for a small group that wants to send in their own fabric to be made into custom mox. You can do as little as 2 pairs, and up to 5 pairs per SYOF group slot you purchase. Buddy up, buy a few of a fabric you love, or form a group of people interested in the same fabric. If you would like to do more than 5, please grab enough slots appropriate coverage (10 pairs is two group slots, and so on).

You MUST check out on the website within 24 hours of receiving the link that we will send to group leader and they will forward to the individual members, or you will be given a strike and your slot will be forfeited.
This link for individual payment will be sent when the tracking number for the fabric is received on our end. When you check out with this link, you will be able to choose individual mox preferences such as size, inner color, and add ons. Please remember to make sure that everyone get the same style of mox that you agreed upon!

We must have the fabric tracking number emailed to us at within 1 business day of the group slot being purchased or your group slot will be forfeit (please remember that the deposit is not refundable). The only exception to this would be if you are ordering from spoonflower. In that case, we would like you email us a screenshot of the order being made and the fabric being sent directly to us.

In the rare case of emergency situations on our part, we will take on the group when we are able to without causing extensions on the set turnaround time.

*Turnaround time is 4-6 weeks from receiving individual payment for each and all pairs in the group.* Most of the time we are under this time, but on occasion, need the extra weeks.

YOU MUST SEND THE CORRECT AMOUNT OF FABRIC! If you send us too little, I will have to delay the whole group. No refunds will be given if there is a shortage of fabric sent.

Please send the fabric to:
PO BOX 41744
St Petersburg, FL 33743

We need one fat quarter for 2 pairs or a half yard/fat half for 3-5 pairs. Double that amount for boots. For wrap conversions, it's 6" by width of wrap or 12" by width of wrap. Please note that the YOU are responsible for the quality of the outer fabric that is sent in, and we cannot take responsibility for any fabric issues after they are sent out.
***If you want what's left of your fabric returned to you, please select PRIORITY shipping when you check out with your mox and we will include it with your finished product***
Types of fabric we DO NOT accept:
-Stolen designs
-Natibaby wraps
-Silk or silk weave
-Loose weave handwoven fabrics 
If you do not understand any of these, or need clarification, then please shoot us an email previous to purchasing the slot at

You must list:
Name of all the members of your group. 
Everyone in the group's paypal email address. 
Total number of mox being made for your group. 
Link to the fabric you are purchasing.
What type of mox being made. (they all must be the same style of mox)

**Add the link to the mox that you are ordering (if you have the fabric on hand, please provide a DETAILED description of the fabric including: fabric type, color, print, and how much you are sending in). If you do not fill everything in, we will choose for you**

ALL MOX TYPES MUST BE THE SAME TYPE IN THE GROUP. If you want Boots, the whole group needs to be Boots, and so on. You cannot have one pair of boots, one aqua mox, one normal, etc. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you check out with different ones, you will be refunded and asked to check out again.
Custom Slots are good for any style of mox, but they must all be the same style. (boots, aqua mox, etc)

You MUST choose size and add ons when you are checking out with your customs. These cannot and will not be changed once submitted.
Sizes 2 and up come with Tough Toes, unless you are ordering a lunar only group.


Additional Options: Wide, Narrow (no charge), Wide Opening (no charge) Comfort Soles ($2).

*colors may vary by screen
Please see Sizing Chart for measurements - Not traditional shoe sizes

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