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What makes Mox different?

Our Mox are handmade here in the United States by work at home parents and differently abled humans. When you buy a pair, you are directly supporting our families.

Beyond that, Mox are one solid piece, do not have seams on the insides, have padded soles for comfort and temperature control, are machine washable, made with premium medical grade rubber, and have so many other benefits over other handmade soft soled shoes that make Mox the obvious choice.

Aqua Mox

Lightweight, breathable, fast drying, insulated on hot pavement, and machine washable... They are the perfect warm weather and water shoes!

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Normal Mox

Our original design! Made with a soft cotton velour inner material, stretchy outer material, and our medical grade rubber soles/tough toes, these mox are ready for any adventure!

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Lunar Mox

Fluffy minky material on both the outers and inners, these mox are the perfect pair to keep your feet warm and cozy. They are just like wearing a blanket on your feet!

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