Terms and Conditions

  1. T&C when purchasing Mox from Mox Show Room:
  • Tough Toes will automatically be added to all mox size 2 and up. You will not have the option to remove Tough Toes, unless you are ordering Lunar Mox.
  • You must select all your trim preferences (Comfort Soles, narrow, wide, etc) at the time of purchase. Please take your time to ensure that everything you are entering is correct! Do not rush just to be able to score a pair, because no changes can be made to your items after purchase if you entered the wrong size, forgot to say narrow, etc. In the event that you made an error on your purchase and the item you receive is as ordered and there are no defects, returns will not be accepted and mox will not be remade to the correct specifications. You will have to sell the item on the VIP Facebook group and score another pair at the next stocking. Please take your time next time.
  • Mox will only be shipped to the address provided on Mox Show Room at time of purchase. No exceptions.
  • Ready to Ship mox prints will vary and will not all be exactly as shown in the mock up pictures. This is noted in every social media post and website listing this affects. No returns or refunds will be given for this. Your best bet for a picky cut on a ready to ship pair is to post in the VIP page to try an attain a different cut than you received. 
  • No cancellations/changes can be made to preorders. Due to the nature of preorders and how our employees are paid for these immediately and they are cut/prepped directly after the order is placed and sewn specifically to your request, they cannot be cancelled, changed, or refunded. 
2. Mox Show Room Return/Refund Policy:
  • Refunds will ONLY be given for defective items that are UNOPENED AND UNUSED, within 7 days of them being shown as delivered on the tracking number. You must ship them back within a week of receiving the return label. You will refunded, or the product exchanged,  when the mox are received at MSR.
  • These are HANDMADE and hand cut shoes from moms in the USA. They are not mass manufactured in China, or another country. There will be slight variances in the sewing and cutting. We do an amazing job of making sure they are all streamline, but small differences of up to 1/4” CAN, ON RARE OCCASION occur. This is normal, and not considered a defect. (Think of the sizes differences in all the jeans you have to try on that are all the “same size”, and how they all fit vastly different. This is actually super minimal compared to most of the clothing industry as a whole.)
  • If you would like insurance on your mox, please check out with priority shipping at check out. We CANNOT refund for mox lost in the mail. We have already paid our employees at this point. It is your responsibility to ask for priority shipping if you have issues with your mail or would like the extra security.