About us

Welcome to the Show Room! 
We are a group of work at home moms who work hard to make you perfect, fully compliant, soft soled shoes for your baby and your toddler.
Check out our Mission Statement too! It means a lot to each of us!
Nina Gerke(Owner):
My name is Nina, and I'm the owner and operator of Mox. I have two boys, Kayden (6), and Malakai (4), and have been married to my husband Michael for 8 years. I love being nerdy (Star Wars, Dr Who, Star Trek, Harry Potter, and so on...). We live in Tampa Bay, FL and like that we are close to our whole family. I've been making mox for over 5 years now! I started making them just for my oldest, and then made them with Moxxy for close to three years. I'm VERY excited to be able to bring you superior quality soft soled shoes for your littles!
Ashley Paciotti ("Number One" Mox Manager, Prep, and Media Coordinator)
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Michelle Snellen (Seamstress)
I’m Michelle. I live in Richmond, Va with Jeff and 4 of our 5 girls. Kaylah is 11, McKenna is 8, Jessie (my first moxter) is almost 4, and Vada just turned a year. My step daughter, Haley, is 18 and lives in Delaware but will soon be moving in with us. I’ve been sewing on the side for 10+ years as well as working other various jobs to help support our family. We were introduced to Mox by a friend when Jessie was a baby and immediately fell in love and have been hooked ever since, so you could imagine the excitement when Krystina came to me to be part of MSR as a seamstress. We stay busy with year round swim with Kaylah, fall and spring ball with McKenna, and then summer swim with Kaylah, McKenna and Jessie. When we do have the occasional free time we spend it at the pool, beach, or watching sports.
Jaye Cormier (HQ Badass)
I'm Jaye and I have two awesome boys ages 2 and 8! I live with my husband and boys in Tampa Bay, Florida. I love post grunge rock, scifi and fantasy, and hockey.
I work with Nina at HQ doing all the things, including pinning and clipping for mox production and packing and shipping for fulfillment. Working for MSR has been an enormous blessing on my life. Nina and I have been friends for many years and in November of '17 I had the amazing opportunity to start lending a hand at Mox HQ. In December of '17 I left my job of almost 8 years at Starbucks to work alongside Nina full time. Working at MSR allows me to spend exponentially more time with my kids and really have time and energy to spend on myself and my husband 
HQ Badass
Amy Spitzer (Back End website and Facebook group Administrator):
Hi! My name is Amy and I'm one of the Mox Show Room Admins. I've been friends with Krystina for over four years, starting as a regular Moxxy customer, and have been helping her with Mox as an Admin since January 2016. I live in Sacramento, California with my husband and two kids, Isla and Everett. My kids LOVE their Mox! We spend a lot of time outdoors, whether it's at one of California's many beautiful beaches, camping by the lake, or going for a hike nearby. Being on the Mox Show Room team means a lot to me, as I get to work with my dearest friends and help get these amazing soft-soled shoes on as many little feet as I can. I also work full time as an Environmental Planner.
Stefanie Wurzinger (Back End website and Facebook group Administrator)
Hi, I’m Stefanie! I live in Georgia with my husband, our two kids, two greyhounds, and my horse. I discovered Mox when my son was just starting to walk and quickly fell in love not just with the superior quality of the shoes themselves, but also with the families behind the brand as well. Mox isn’t just about shoes – we’re also about family and community! I’ve truly made some incredible and lasting friendships here. We recently welcomed a little girl and I’m excited for her to wear the itty bitty Mox from the beginning!
Rochelle Smith (Facebook group Administrator)
Hi guys, I’m Rochelle. Mom to 2 boys age 6 and 1. We live in beautiful Utah! I was so happy when I first found Mox when Jaxon was just a tiny baby. I hated putting clunky shoes on him that he would just kick off a few seconds later! We love being part of the amazing community of Mox.
Donna Marie Monroe (Facebook group Moderator)
I’m Donna. I live in Baltimore Maryland. married to John and momma to two Girls. Lainey is 14 and Emma is 2.My Husband and girls are my world. I am a sahm. We enjoy movies great food and horror conventions. We got introduced to Mox from a friend and just fell in love!