About us

Welcome to Mox Show Room! 

We are a family-owned and operated soft-soled shoe company that was born out of necessity of a shoe that was not only cute, but would fit our oldest child's feet because he was far too chunky for normal hard soled shoes! 

In 2013, my oldest was born. By 4 months old, he was a very healthy 23lbs and his feet were so chunky that he didn't fit in any normal, store bought, hard soled shoes. After a few months of searching for something that would work for him that wasn't downright ugly and crazy expensive, I pulled out my sewing machine and figured out how to make him some cute shoes that were cut but practical. At first, they started as socks with an elastic ankle, and they evolved into the soft soled shoes they are today. 

In our journey of over ten years, we have found and met incredible families like yours, who want to be barefoot but can't be, have kids who have sensory issues, have skinny feet that don't fit normal shoes, and so much more. We have been there for you every step of the way, providing you practical soft soled shoes that fit your needs. 

Mox today have medical grade rubber soles, insulated inner soles, cute and stylish prints and designs, are fully washable, handmade, and so many more benefits. We pick each design ourselves, cut the fabrics, and sew each and every pair by hand. Each stitch is made with love for you.


We are the Gerke family, and we own Mox Show Room! We live in Tampa Bay, Florida with our four kids and our bonus family member. We are thrilled to have you here with us to share on our journey!