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Mission Statement

Mox Show Room's Mission:

We strive to bring you the best quality soft soled shoes for your little ones. Shoes that are both functional for daily use, and are stylish. 

It's our goal to make sure to be approachable and give you superior customer service that is rare to find elsewhere. We quality control every single pair that gets shipped to you so that we can assure the quality is unparalleled. 

Ultimately, we want to make sure that we are moms, supporting moms. When you purchase a pair of mox, you are supporting at least 3-4 families.  That's our ultimate goal: to be able to stay home, while still support our families, and doing something we love. 

We are here to make this a family environment. Our kids and families will always be involved. The "it takes a village" motto is taken seriously with our group. We make sure to support the community and those that are in our groups as well as each other.

We want Mox Show Room to be fun. Our monthly hashtag, birthday, and flat lay giveaways will be there for you at any time. Feel free to jump in! In our FaceBook group/Instagram, we also give exclusive previews, voting for your favorite prints, and other fun giveaways and events.