Mox Types and How to Order

Our design is absolutely unique! We have spent countless hours and effort forming our patterns and all the bonus add on features to make sure that you are getting the top of the line handmade product with the best quality out there!
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Mox Construction
Aqua Mox Construction
Lunar Mox Construction
What SIZE mox do I get?
Start with our Sizing Chart! Take a piece of paper and trace your little one's foot. Then use a ruler to measure from the back of the heel to the tip toe. Finally, compare to the sizing chart. Do not to size up too much! They do tend to run big. 
Make sure you read as much as possible on there too! It's a huge wealth of knowledge.
How do you order?
New prints are loaded every Tuesday at 12pm EST. 
Tuesdays are our Ready to Ship stocking, at 12pm EST. These mox are made out of pieces of fabric that are too small to run groups with. So you have to act fast if you see something you like in your little one's size! 
Tuesdays at 12pm EST, our pre-order prints also stock! This means that if you find an outer fabric you like, you can order it in any size and combination that you like. 
Want something that isn't in either place? No worries! You can grab either a custom slot, a send your own fabric slot, or even a custom group slot. They are all loaded with the pre-orders on Tuesdays at 12 pm EST when we stock them. We will announce when we have room to make these specialty Mox. Make sure you read the description to the listings before you buy!
We also have lots of other ways to interact, have fun, and win free mox! Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook in order to get updates and see what's coming! You can use our hashtags and be entered to win a free set of mox for our monthly giveaways.
(Here's one of our customers all the way from Scotland in her adorable little kilt and mox!)
Join our VIP group on Facebook in order to take part in our Mox Saturdays for even more chances of mox! We run  Scrappy Saturdays on alternating weeks.  You don't want to miss out!